Organizational Development

Cheadle & Associates collaborates with organizational leaders and their groups to create systemic change and improve productivity and employee satisfaction. This strengthens the human processes and improves work effectiveness and efficient with focus on the following:

  • Planning and Strategy: Clarity of purpose is foundational. We offer professional assistance in the formulation of strategic and tactical plans.
  • Core Competencies: We help organizations to identify the core competencies that are necessary for the foundation of success.
  • Team Building: C&A believes building rapport and trust is necessary in today’s participative approach to work. We offer assistance and training in building teams, communication and feedback mechanisms.
  • Information and Process Consulting: Identifying the right method can make the difference between an organization succeeding or failing. C&A works with individuals and teams to develop and implement effective and efficient methods and processes.

Areas of concentration

Training Education and Development
Cheadle & Associates provides a full range of Training, Education and Development Consulting Services:

  • Training – Our services effectively equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to perform their jobs better.
  • Education – We prepare individuals for promotions or for enhanced technical abilities in their current jobs.
  • Development – We broaden individual perceptions through workshops and seminars to give them new insights about themselves and their organization.

Areas of concentration

Industry Partnerships
Cheadle & Associates specializes in developing Industry Educational Partnerships (IEP). We facilitate ongoing involvement between schools and business-industry, unions, governments and community organizations. We establish these partnerships by mutual agreement between two or more parties to establish certain goals, and to construct a plan of action for achievement of those goals.

Areas of concentration (click to expand):

Public Affairs Consulting
Cheadle & Associates is state certified to lobby on behalf of organizations and individuals. From initial contact to final delivery we manage the process, identify key stages, highlight opportunities and hurdles, and work to influence those involved in an open, effective and ethical manner. Respected and trusted, we use our talents and professional expertise to deliver your objectives.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact Patricia Cheadle by email or by calling directly at 425.398.1749 or 206.478.0481.