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Cheadle & Associates (C&A), has developed a tailored and innovative approach to ensure clients achieve their goals. We believe no two clients are the same and we ensure our approach fits your requirements. C&A practices Total Performance Development (TPD). We use systematic strategies and approaches to enhance productivity to transform the business and/or organization to meeting their objectives and goals. We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Industry Partnership Development
  • WorkForce Training Education and Development
  • Labor Market Research
  • Media Relations
To learn more, please visit Our Services page. If you would like to receive written material about C&A, or would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact Patricia Cheadle by email or by calling directly at 425.398.1749.

“Ms. Cheadle created and developed an incredible educational partnership opportunity for us. She is a true professional with a strong sense of what it takes to get the job done. Her follow-through is the best and we look forward to...

Getting the Job Done,

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About Cheadle & Associates

Cheadle & Associates is a Education, Market Research and Business Development company that specializes in education and business development, research and marketing, and industry partnership development, seeking to enhance the capacity of organizations, businesses and start-ups to improve and expand their products, services and market share. Accurate and time sensitive...

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